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I tried three pet-sitting services and one expensive kennel before finding Michelle,

who is quite simply, as good as it gets! Michelle has been caring for our cat and dog

for at least three years now and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for

high quality, expert, animal care at home.

I value her good judgment and appreciate the fact that she lets nothing stand in the

way of giving Otis (our dog) and Skimbleshanks (our cat) the most TLC possible.

Michelle is extremely reliable, and has even responded quickly to short notice

requests, although I always make my pet-sitting arrangements as soon as I am

aware of them (summer and holiday vacations which are made well in advance).

Pet Pals pet sitting service allows me and my family to take trips both for business

and pleasure, and still feel confident that our dog and cat are happy and content,

waiting at home in good health for our return.


Brenda - West Chester, PA

Michelle is great! She is reliable & professional. She follows your directions

(including special requests) to the letter. She is always willing to give you a phone

call mid week with a comforting status report. She enters & leaves your home with

respect. She even remembers your animal's personality. I have been using her for a

couple years now without a single complaint. She offers flexible scheduling with follow

up correspondence. I can vacation with my family & have peace of mind about the

welfare of our pet!!

Maria - West Chester, PA

I have been using The Pet Pals Pet Sitting Service for about two years now. Michelle

is great. She treats my dog as if he were her own. I have to go out of town on business

alot and sometimes it is last minute. Michelle is very accomodating. I feel very good

knowing that I can go away for a few days and not have to worry about my dog. He is in great hands with Michelle. I highly suggest The Pet Pals.

Barry in Glen Mills, PA